What is a cookie and why Mythology use it?

Mythology, on its behalf or on the behalf of a third contracted party, can use cookies when an user enter the web site. Cookies are datas sent to a browser through a web server with the aim of register the activities of the user during the use of the web site.

Through the cookies the web server might recognize the browser of the user in order to make a better use of the web page, for example the access of an user who is already registered in the page or the possibility to get to special and dedicated services and promotions. Cookies are also used to mesure audience and the number of visits.

Guarantees on the use of cookies

Cookies used on this web site are associated with anonymous users and their computers and do not provide any personal information.

Some cookies are used from a third party (like google) in order to provide to Mythology datas on the effectiveness of its promotions, but never using personal details which can identify a specific user.

Cookies in the web site are temporary, none of the cookie will be stored for more than two years.

Users can configure their browser in order to be notified on the reception of cookies and avoid their installation on their devices.

By erasing or disable Mythology’s cookies the user might not be able to access to some functions of the web site.

Allowing the installation of cookies is not mandatory in order to use the web site.

What kind of cookies are used by Mythology?

Technical cookies

Are used for some services of the web site like the shopping cart or the wishlist.

Customization cookies

When a user is buying or using the web page the site will remember his preferences (for example the location or the language) Thanks to these cookies Mythology can provide a customized an more professional experience.

Ads cookies

These cookies are used to show relevant ads to users, they also limit the number of times an user see an ads and help Mythology mesure the effectiveness of its campaigns. By using the web page the user agrees to download these cookies in his device and allow Mythology to consult them when using the page in the future.